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20th Century Projects

Parents and patrons are invited to attend the fourth annual 8th Grade Galaxy Team's 20th Century and Beyond Celebration, Monday, May 6, from 6:30 to 8 p.m. at the Ontario Middle School Cub Gym, with a special invitation extended to those community members who would especially enjoy a trip back in time.

According to Galaxy Team instructors Deanna Pobanz, Bob Boyd, Tina Joyce, and Craig Harris, students will be presenting projects that depict the culture, trends, scientific discoveries, and historical events in the United States and the world for every decade from 1900 to present day. For example, students showcasing the 1960s, may have a Beatles record and be dressed in tye-dyed clothes, beads and headbands. A student whose project highlights the 1950s may feature information on the New York Yankees baseball club and Dwight Eisenhower's presidency.

"With this project, we integrate the subjects of reading, English, math, science, and social studies as students research and prepare their projects," Pobanz said. "As they read about the decade they will highlight, they are analyzing information, understanding the interconnections among science, technology, society, and historical events. They see how those things impacted their decade as well as comparing those events to their lives in the present."

Boyd explained that for Monday's exhibit, students have constructed timelines of significant events of their time period, displaying picture boards about trends and historical events. They will make scale drawings of pictures or logos tied to the decade, and publish a newspaper front page about a scientific discovery. Students also will deliver speeches to their peers about their decade.

"My language arts students will each be doing a 3- to 5-minute speech on their decade," Harris said, noting this will be a scored, benchmark speech. "The students will be able to tie together what they've learned in their other classes and present it."

Joyce said community members with a penchant for history will especially enjoy Monday evening's exhibits.

"These presentations can illicit a lot of memories as you think back to various events that end up describing an entire decade," Joyce said. "We invite community members throughout the valley to attend this event."