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Arctic and Antarctic

Second graders in Ms. Gebert's room have been busy studying the Arctic and Antarctic regions. Students were able to select animals that they were interested in from these areas. Students chose emperor penguins, blue fairy penguins, caribou, walrus, narwhal, lemmings, polar bears and snowy owls.

The project took about six weeks and 75 pounds of flour! The projects were made from recycled materials that were brought in by the students. The students had to develop a plan that detailed the measurements of the animal, the process of building the model, and the materials that would be used. Students were assessed on their ability to follow and/or modify their plan, giving a speech, the ability to answer questions on their animal, and a written report that was presented on a poster.

To culminate the project students wrote invitations to their families for an open house. Twenty-four parents attended the open house where students had their animals on display along with their posters. Parents went around and asked questions about the regions and the animals. Six classrooms from Aiken also came for the polar tour. Students took their projects home that day and one parent had to go get the other car to take the polar bear home!