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Claude Monet Inspired

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Marliss Robertson's third grade students at Cairo Elementary School recently studied the impressionist artist Claude Monet (1840 - 1926). Students had a lengthy study about amphibians in early September, and two of the books read to students were " Froggy Love in Monet's Garden," and "Felipe in Monet's Garden." With both books featuring pictures of Monet's art, students wanted to learn more.

"What a perfect opportunity with the study of frogs and ponds to expose students to Monet's work," Robertson
said. "It's been nice to expose them to different books
and a video about Monet. Now, when his name or the name of another artist comes up, they are curious to learn more. Even in keyboarding, his name was mentioned and they recognized it."

"Painting was the best part about the unit," said Elena, a student in the class. "We sponged instead of using strokes. I think it added a better touch and a little more decoration and details than most paintings."

"Our teacher taught us how to dab and that kind of looks like Monet," added fellow student Caree concluded. "They called him an impressionist. That means he put a lot of detail into his work, even though there was no strokes. We tried to copy his style."

"Claude Monet was a famous artist," concluded Hailey, another classmate. "He was an impressionist. They weren't like most people who were painting pictures then."

The third graders' Monet-like paintings are on display in the main foyer at Cairo School through the month of October.