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Lincoln Lore/ 2nd Grade Illustrates Book




Abraham Lincoln was born in a one room log cabin in Kentucky.









Abe went to school in a one room log cabin with a dirt floor. They sat on benches of logs cut in half.  Youch. Splinters! They learned  to read by using the Bible.








Abe shot a wild turkey when he was only seven years old. He felt so bad that he never used a gun again. He didn't like to hunt. He was a kind person.











One time when Abe went to go grind corn at the mill he told his horse to get going it and kicked him and knocked him unconscious. They thought he was dead but after a few hours he woke up. He was okay.







Abe's mom died when he was nine years old. About a year after that his dad went back to Kentucky and brought back a new wife, named Sarah. Sarah had one son and two daughters of her own.  The new Mrs. Lincoln was really nice.

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