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Chess for Success

Chess for Success' is a new after school club happening at Alameda and May Roberts Elementary Schools.  Chess club provides an excellent opportunity for students to learn how to think before they act.  Recently, the two schools held a Saturday chess tournament at May Roberts.  "There were 32 kids there and it was a real success," said Alameda organizer and teacher Mandy Williams.  "There were so many supportive families who came to watch and cheer on their kids, brothers and sisters.  They all had great attitudes, and some played over ten games."  The day included snacks and prizes for all participants.

The chess clubs at both schools meet two times a week for one hour. As a part of the program the students get their own chess boards and pieces that they get to take home.  Carolyn Bryden is a teacher and chess club organizer at May Roberts.  Bryden says that she has watched students grow over the past few months not only in chess, but in how they treat each other. "They have become very dedicated to the game and the etiquette that goes along with the game." she said. Kids start each game with a handshake and end with a handshake, what is called, "chess etiquette".

After school activities are always in need of good volunteers and Chess for Success is no different.  Thanks to OHS student, Alicia Olsen at May Roberts and parent Kathy Godek at Alameda, the programs have been running smoothly.  Williams adds, "Kids learn good sportsmanship and have something they are good at which helps them do better in school."  And that is a good move.