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Masks are a Favorite Project at OMS

Tammy Kinney's 7th and 8th grade art students created decorative plaster masks.  "I had plaster left over that was donated to me for the OMS after school program," explained Kinney.  The classes prepared for the project by studying masks from various cultures around the world.  "Lots of examples were shown," said Kinney, "they were allowed to take pieces and parts of a mask they liked and then add their own personality and design to it." 

To create the plaster masks, Mrs. Kinney assigned partners. One student applied wet plaster strips to their partner's face, making sure the nostrils were not covered.  Then the students laid on the floor to let the plaster dry for about 15 minutes.  Then they switched. "We use plastic wrap on the students' faces before the plaster is applied, so it will not directly stick to their faces," explains Kinney. 

Once dry, the masks were prepped with a white base and decorated.  Mrs. Kinney was able to provide some puff paints and decorations from the OMS Art budget.  Students also brought embellishments from home.  In a word, the students "loved," this assignment. 

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