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Lincoln Lore - 2nd Grade



At night Abe would sit by the fire and read.  When he was done with his work, he  would read whatever he could get his hands on.  He would walk many miles just to borrow a book. He loved books. He read whenever he could.






Abe wanted to play a joke on his step mom.  He took his brother and put his feet through the mud and tipped him over and he walked on the ceiling.  When his step home got home, she said, "How did those footprints get there?"  Then Abe said, "It was me."







Abraham Lincoln plowed and planted fields and other work for his dad and neighbors.  Every chance he got he would read.  He had to give his money to his dad until he was 21.







One night Abraham Lincoln was up reading Life of George Washington that he had borrowed.  The next morning he saw the book was all wet.  It had rained that night.  It was the next door neighbor's book.  The next day he brought the book back to him.  The neighbor said that he could work for him to pay for the book and so he did.







When he was 19 he got a job on a flat boat in the year 1828.  On his first trip on a flatboat the only way a farmer could get his good market was to load them on the flatboat and them float them down the Mississippi and the Ohio Rivers to the city of New Orleans.  He saw slaves chained together being brought to the slave market. It made Abe very upset to see the slaves.

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