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Lincoln Lore - 2nd Grade



On Abe's second flatboat trip down the Ohio River and the Mississippi Rivers he left home for good.  He tied his few possessions in his handkerchief and tied them onto a stick.  After he got back home he went to work in a store.







Abe was challenge to a wrestling match by Jack  Armstrong.  Abe didn't want to night but when Jack stepped on Abe's foot it made Abe mad and Jack got a good pounding.








Abraham Lincoln was a good man.  He worked at a store and delivered mail in his at.  One day at the store, a lady paid for her things.  The lady paid Abe six cents
too much.  He walked six miles to give it back to her.  He got the name "Honest be."







During the summer of 1835, Abe fell in love with Ann Rutledge, a shy sweet girl who really believed in Abe.  She said that he would be a great man some day. Then she died at the age of 22 of a  fever.  Abe was so sad.







In 1941, Abraham Lincoln made a trip by steamboat to Kentucky and saw twelve slaves chained together.  He was very upset when he saw this.