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Ontario Students of the Month Selected

In its monthly school board meeting Thursday, the Ontario School District announced its January students of the month.

According to the Ontario School District, Aiken Elementary School student of the month is Zayne Sather. Sather is a second-grade student who, according to his teachers, demonstrates respect toward others.

Jonathan Cruz, of Alameda Elementary School, was chosen as student of the month because of his perseverance. According to OSD, Cruz enrolled at Alameda late in the school year. This, however, did not stop Cruz from succeeding in the classroom. Cruz's teachers also said that he reads above grade level and works with other students to solve problems.

Cairo Elementary School chose Belinda Riojas as the January student of the month. Riojas is a kindergartner at Cairo. According to OSD, Riojas attends classes everyday with a positive attitude and follows the class motto of being responsible, respectful and caring.

Anthony Machuca, a second-grader at May Roberts Elementary School, was chosen as student of the month for January. Machuca, according to OSD, was selected because of his personality.

Pioneer Elementary School's student of the month is Angie Nagaki. Nagaki is a second-grader at Pioneer where, according to OSD, she is kind to everyone.

The Ontario Middle School selected Holly Houston as the January Student of the month. Houston was chosen cased on her positive attitude in and out of the classroom.

Student of the month at the Ontario High School include the entire OHS cheerleading squad. The squad was chosen because they demonstrate school spirit, discipline, hardwork and talent.

January 23, 2002