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Hawkins Speaks to OMS

Keith Hawkins, one of America's top professional youth speakers, visited Ontario Middle School and brought his message of "Real Inspiration," to the student body.  Students were taken by his relevant and humorous communication style.  Hooking the audience from the word go, Hawkins held their attention to deliver an important message; we are all responsible for our own future.

Keith grew up in a tough part of Los Angeles.  He understands what it is like to be lonely, unsupported and even homeless.  But through it all he succeeded and now inspires others to do the same.  Keith states that he is "not a motivational speaker,"  or someone who just asks listeners to "think positively."  Instead he challenges young people to consider what their own expectations for themselves are and live accordingly.  This will bring them success.

Hawkins' website, states, "Keith has been a professional speaker for over a decade. He travels all around North America addressing over 400,000 students, educators, parents, and businesses annually.  He spoke at the United Nations Global Summit, as the voice for America's youth, was interviewed by Time Magazine, was featured in a national communication book,Between One and Many, and co-authored two books