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District Wide Broadcast Message

Ontario School District

School Closures/Delays

School Closures / Cierre de las Escuelas

In case of emergencies or inclement weather/En caso de emergencias o mal tiempo
  • For school closure information, visit channel 7 and
  • Para informacion del cierre de escuelas visite canal 7 y

School Closures/Delays

School closure/delay notifications are typically posted on the home
page of this website before 5:30 a.m. Closure/delay information is also
posted on each school's web page. Once a decision has been reached by
the superintendent to close/delay school, a phone message will go out via
Connect 5 to notify staff, parents and students of the
closure/delay. The Connect 5 phone message will typically be delivered
prior to 5:30 a.m.

In addition, local media outlets are contacted about closures/delays,
including KTVB Channel 7, KBOI Channel 2.
School closure/delay information can also be found on the district home page as well as individual school home pages.

How Does the District Decide to Close/Delay Schools?

When the Ontario School District makes the decision to close or delay
schools during inclement weather conditions, the decision is not made
lightly. The decision is a team effort between District administration
and the District's transportation department. Student safety is the most
important factor.

When weather forecasts indicate there will be snow or ice on Ontario
roadways, the OSD transportation supervisor and/or operations director hit
the roadways at 3:00 a.m. to drive the significant and trickier bus
routes in the District to determine if conditions will be safe for
students and buses by the time students need to be picked up at bus
stops. An assessment of road conditions and a recommendation regarding
closure/delay is provided to Superintendent Albisu and a decision to
close or delay school is made.

Once a decision has been made, school administrators are contacted and
a Connect 5 message goes out to notify staff, parents and students by
phone of the closure/delay. The District posts the information before
5:30 a.m. on its website. Local media outlets are also contacted to help
get the word out.

The decision to close/delay school is not taken lightly. Student safety
both to and from bus stops during inclement weather conditions is