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District Wide Broadcast Message

Ontario School District

Student Reentry & COVID-19 Info.

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Vaccine Opportunity for Students

OSD Families and High School Students,
The Ontario School District, in partnership with the Malheur County Health Department, Saint Alphonsus Medical Center, and the Ontario Walgreens, is excited to offer a COVID-19 vaccine opportunity to our students. We will be hosting a vaccine clinic at Ontario High School on May 6th and May 27th from 2:00 - 6:00 pm. Students must be 16-18 years old, understand their medical history and/or any possible preexisting conditions, and must make sure they are present for both rounds of the vaccine. No documentation, parent consent, or insurance is required.
We are encouraging students who wish to receive the vaccine to have a conversation with their parents/guardians about the vaccine before signing up.

Vaccines will not be mandatory for students, staff, or families. However, students who have been vaccinated will not need to quarantine if their cohort, team, club, etc. have been exposed.
You can read more about minor's rights regarding healthcare, here: 
Ontario School District

If you are interested in signing up for one of the 82 slots, please let us know! 


- Call Lisa Maeda at the District Office, 541-889-5374  ext. 3234

- Stop by the OHS office to sign up

- Submit a request below

Vaccine Sign-up Request

Vaccine Sign-up Request

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Thank you for your submission.

Operational Blueprints for Reentry - 2021

Student Reentry Handbook

Click on the handbook to read!

Malheur County COVID-19 Metrics

Employee Safety

New Oregon OSHA COVID-19 Standards
It is important that our staff are supported through reentry at any capacity back into our buildings. Teachers and other school and district staff are essential partners with vital expertise. The OSD is committed to providing ongoing professional development and communication, so staff have the most-up-to-date understanding of all ODE and OHA guidance. 
Supporting Staff in Schools & Building Safety
  • Developed protocols for communicating possible COVID-19 exposure to staff
  • Properly communicate leave notification requirements in federal and state laws to staff members (See below for more information)
  • Communicate a return-to-work protocol; develop a plan to protect the safety and well-being
  • of all staff, including physical distancing and isolation protocols
  • Staff are expected to follow building-specific safety procedures and rules (if you are unsure of your building's rules, please contact your building administrator)
  • Staff are expected to wear proper PPE for their position at all times while in the OSD facilities
  • Staff can remove PPE during meals or if they are properly isolated to their own confined classroom/workspace
Positive COVID Cases Scenario
Should an employee test positive for COVID or come in contact with a person who has tested positive for COVID and is advised to quarantine, their individual workstation or classroom should be closed off (tape across door/workspace with the date of closure) for the first 72 hours upon receiving notice from the employee.
Custodians will come in after the 72 hours of the workstation/classroom being closed off to disinfect surfaces. This will help avoid others coming in contact with the individual's workstation by accident while helping keep custodians safe as well. 
Staff COVID Leave Information

Student Safety

The priority of the Ontario School District has and always will be the health and safety of our students and staff. While we would like nothing more than to operate school as if everything were normal, we must continue our best practices to help in lowering the spread of COVID-19. We, as a district, are committed to practicing the guidelines put in place by Governor Kate Brown, the Oregon Health Authority, the Oregon Department of Education, and Malheur Country Health Department.
If, and when, we are able to bring students back to the classroom in any capacity, we want to assure you of the following safety precautions:
Inside the Classroom
  • Small class sizes to maintain physical distance with approximately 35 sq ft per student in the classroom
  • Staff and students frequently wash and/or sanitize hands
  • Staff and students will be required to wear face coverings while in our district buildings
  • Touch-points (light switches, doorknobs, railings, tops/sides of chairs and tables, etc.) will be cleaned and disinfected frequently throughout the day
  • Students will be taught safety procedures for maintaining good hygiene and for maneuvering around the school campuses 
  • Staff greeting students, watching for students that may be exhibiting signs of illness
Inside the School
  • Buildings will be cleaned prior to student entry (before and after each cohort)
  • Students assigned entrances by cohorts of groups smaller than 100 students who have commonalities within the school
  • Students and staff sanitize hands upon entry to the building
  • Students stay in cohorts throughout the day, and physical distance
  • Students may walk by other students, not in their cohort, but will not physically socialize or attend class with them while at school
  • Visitors will only be allowed into the school office, and masks are required in all building office spaces
  • Attendance and student/staff locations throughout the building will be tracked to help with contract tracing in the event of an outbreak (contact tracing logs will be shared with the LPHA)
Here's what to consider if your student will be riding the bus to school
  • Students will be required to wear face coverings when on the bus
  • There will be targeted cleaning for high-frequency touch points between each route
  • Students must physical distance unless sharing a seat with someone from the same household
  • Drivers will visually screen students while they are getting on the bus for indications that they are not feeling well
  • Students riding the bus will be in the same cohort (group) each day and will not be able to join more than one cohort throughout the day
  • Students will be limited to 10 per bus until restrictions can be lifted
Can my student attend school today?
COVID-19 Symptoms to call in an absence 
  • Cough
  • Chills
  • Fever
  • Muscle pain
  • Shortness of breath
  • New loss of smell or taste
  • Pressure in chest
  • New confusion or inability to awaken
The Ontario School District will be following the Oregon Department of Education's "Planning for COVID-19 Scenarios in Schools" guidance. 

K-6 Reentry Plan

Feb. 8 - 9th (there will be no school for students on these days) all OSD staff will participate in professional development centered around student reentry. 
Feb. 10th Kindergarten - 6th Grade, will return to school for 4 days of in-person instruction, & one day of asynchronous learning (Fridays).
CDL will still be available for students and families who choose that model.

7-8 Reentry Plan

Feb. 8 - 9th (there will be no school for students on these days) all OSD staff will participate in professional development centered around student reentry. 
Feb. 10th Middle School students (7-8), will return to school for 5 days of in-person instruction. 
CDL will still be available for students and families who choose that model.

9-12 Reentry Plan

Feb. 8 - 9th (there will be no school for students on these days) all OSD staff will participate in professional development centered around student reentry. 
Feb. 17th some High School students will return to school by expanding Limited In-Person instruction.
CDL will still be available for students and families who choose that model.

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Alameda Elementary:                     (541) 889 -5497
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