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District Wide Broadcast Message

Ontario School District

Proposed Elementary Reconfiguration

Mission Statement: 


Ontario School District’s mission in elementary reconfiguration reflects our commitment to increasing opportunities for students (academic, social-emotional health, and extracurricular), providing quality instruction (enhanced professional development, collaboration and mentorship for staff) with the goal of increasing student proficiency while bringing unity to the community. One Town, One Family!

Increase Opportunities for Students

  • Grade specific mental health education and resources
  • Enhances the opportunities for Student Leadership programs/positions 
  • Partnership with the Ontario Recreation District to provide intramural opportunities for students at the 4-6th grade building
  • Before and after school programs Expanded opportunities for band/music/drama/arts at all elementary levels
  • Students will be able to navigate their school career with their cohorts which strengthens the pride in graduating on-time with their class

Provide Quality Instruction

  • Balanced class sizes
  • Grade level specific collaboration for teachers and staff
  • Targeted TAG instruction
  • Targeted interventions for students 
  • Grade-band staff collaboration
  • New teacher mentorship opportunities 
  • Grade specific curriculum and programs/trips
  • STREAM Academy will give parents the ability to choose a creative learning opportunity for their students 
  • A rural small school provides parents the ability to choose a more traditional k-6 model for their students that honors the agricultural history of Ontario

Unify the Community

  • All school mascots could be Tigers
  • Naming conventions of schools could be changed to start with Ontario (Examples of possible names: Ontario Primary School, Ontario Elementary School, Ontario Intermediate School, Ontario STREAM Academy, and Ontario Rural School) for example
  • Partnerships with community organizations will be easier to initiate with grade specific buildings
  • Staff support to promote positive staff atmosphere
  • 6th grade able to join the SRV league 
  • Opportunity for consistency in sports 
  • Conversations about elementary reconfiguration have been happening for decades

How does the Student Investment Account apply in OSD?

The Ontario School District is situated to receive $2.1 million for the next three years.  The Ontario School District has engaged with their stakeholders (Staff, Administrators, Parents, Community Members, Students, etc) and asked them to prioritize how the Student Investment Account funds should be allocated. 
Over 1,330 respondents shared their thoughts and input regarding the Student Success Act/Student Investment Account. From the data that the district has gathered, a strategic reconfiguration of elementary schools will address the needs prioritized by our stakeholders to benefit ALL students.
After assessing what stakeholders have prioritized, the Ontario School District created a plan that best accommodates those prioritization and meets the needs of ALL students. A strategic elementary reconfiguration would allow for smaller class sizes, smarter allocation of resources, grade-level band collaboration, rich and targeted curriculum, and individualized learning opportunities. and programs along with other enriching opportunities for ALL students.
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