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Buggy About Eric Carle

The 1st/2nd blended class did an author study on Eric Carle. He has written a plethora of books that he also illustrates. In his illustrations he uses painted tissue paper in a collage form. The students did an art unit around these techniques. They learned about primary colors, shapes, and lines. They also tried their hands at making tissue paper pictures, just like Carle. As their very last project, they created bugs or animals that were from the Carle books. When they were finished, there was everything from hermit crabs to caterpillars.

Eric Carle books are an inspiration because of their stories as well. To practice their writing skills, students wrote about what they would eat if they were a hungry caterpillar, where they would go if they could see the world and the steps to making their favorite foods. The projects were compiled into a class book titled,