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All About Animals

The 1st/2nd grade blended class studied animal characteristics and their habitats with student teacher, Miss Moore. The different animal classes that were studied included mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish, and insects.

When looking at each of these groups, the class learned the characteristics that are specific to them like whether they are vertebrates or invertebrates, warm or cold blooded, lay eggs or have live births, what their coverings consist of (feathers, hair, scales), and more. During many of the lessons, the students sorted pictures of animals based on these characteristics. This helped them identify what makes an animal a reptile, amphibian, bird, fish or mammal.

To learn about reptiles, students used their imagination to create a new reptile making sure to include reptilian characteristics. For the insect activity, the students built a bug out of styrofoam balls, toothpicks, pipe cleaners and googly eyes. They gave the insect model three body parts and six legs.

After learning about the different groups of animals, the class focused on the places that the creatures live, or their habitats. They studied woodland forests, rain forests, deserts, grasslands, the arctic, freshwater habitats (like ponds and streams) and the ocean. The students were able to see that a habitat is a certain place where certain animals find all the plants and conditions that they need to survive.

To help the students fully understand habitats, they created dioramas of a habitat of their choosing. The students decorated a shoe box with paper to create the setting and added plants and animals that native to their habitat.