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FBLA Regional Skills Contest

The Future Business Leaders of America attended their Regional Skills Contest on February 5th at Eastern Oregon University. Below are the results of the competition. 

  • Ali Babij-Word Processing I-1st;  Business Math-6th
  • Chris Babij-Word Processing II-11th
  • Kamal Bagha-Business Calculations-10th;  Business Communications-6th
  • Jose Becerril-Business Law-9th
  • Betsi Chavez-Impromptu Speaking-8th
  • Reanna  Culjat-Business Communications-8th;  Word Processing II-7th
  • Aimee Fritsch-Marketing-1st;  Personal Finance-2nd
  • Tommy Gibbons-Impromptu Speaking-4th
  • Network Design Team (Tommy Gibbons, Matt Rankin, Mark Risenmay)-4th
  • Leslie Gonzalez-Introduction to Business-7th;  Word Processing I-8th
  • Melody Haidle-Business Procedures-5th;  Marketing-3rd
  • Alexis Jagelski-Economics-8th;Personal Finance-4th
  • Mimi Kameshige-Word Processing II-3rd
  • Jesus Lujan-Business Procedures-11th;  Economics-6th
  • Justine Maeda-Personal Finance-12th
  • Desktop Publishing Team of Ashley Rock & Justine Maeda-10th
  • Christana Morelock-Business Law-4th
  • Ricky Navarrete-Business Law-12th
  • Matt Owens-Business Law-6th;  Business Procedures-4th
  • Chris Paulsen-Computer Applications-9th;  Word Processing II-10th
  • Sam Rines-Business Procedures-9th
  • Mark Risenmay-Business Law-7th
  • Todd Risenmay-Business Law-11th
  • Sal Sanchez-Business Law-10th
  • Josh Tolman-Word Processing I-7th