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4th and 5th Grade Science Fair

Alameda 4th and 5th grades held their annual Science Fair in May. Students used a scientific method to complete their projects. They started by finding a question they wanted answered, then wrote a hypothesis. Next, they wrote a step-by-step procedure with a complete list of materials. After their investigation was completed, they recorded the data on graphs, charts, or tables. Finally, they analyzed their results and wrote a conclusion explaining whether the hypothesis was correct.

On the science fair day, students brought in many different science projects. There were projects that addressed questions such as:

  • Will mint gum repel ants?
  • Which diaper holds the most liquid?
  • Which metals conduct heat best?
  • What causes rust?

The students made a poster and shared their experiments with their classmates. Each classroom had a guest science judge. Parents were encouraged to come in and see the projects, also. The winners in each class inluded:

  • 4th Mr. Olsen's Class: Jessica
  • 4th Mrs. Eastwood's Class: Stetson
  • 4th Mrs. Zimmerman's Class: Katie
  • 5th Mrs. Bourcy's Class: Kylie and Kayla (tie)
  • 5th Mrs. Waite's Class: Rebecca
  • 5th Ms. Bousha's Class: Kelsey

"The students enjoyed doing the projects and learned a lot about the process scientists suse to test their ideas," said Mrs. Zimmerman, adding that the Alameda teachers felt the science fair was very successful and that students brought in high-quality work.