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Meet LaRaine Thompson

When one thinks of the ultimate office secretary, a picture comes to mind of someone who is able to greet people with a smile while answering the phone by the second ring, while looking up some information for yet someone else on the computer and handing a file to a fourth person who enters the work area.
LaRaine Thompson is such a person. Now in her 17th year as Ontario High School's secretary, she just laughs when asked about being the Queen of Multi-Tasking.
"I remember when Earl Torris hired me all those years ago; he asked me if I could handle a lot of interruptions. I soon found out why he asked that question! It is a very busy office with constant calls, people coming and going and many demands. I enjoy the atmosphere. I like to be busy and have always said that I would rather be 'too busy,' than not have enough to do."

LaRaine says she has just learned to prioritize.

"Of course, the public, students, faculty and phone are top priorities," LaRaine said. "I enjoy working with all of them."

What does LaRaine like most about working at the Home of the Tigers?

"I have always appreciated great people to work with," she says. "We have an office staff who work well together and support one another, and I have enjoyed working under some great administrators. of course, I also enjoy the students a lot. I have always felt that is what we are all abut here -- helping and supporting kids. They are great!"

Some of the kids LaRaine has helped over the years, have been her own sons. Being at OHS has really been a family affair since husband Gary Thompson is a science teacher at the school.