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National Children's Book Week

Alameda Elementary celebrated the 85th annual Children's Book Week, sponsored by the Children's Book Council, which promotes the enjoyment of books for young people. This year's theme is "Let's Book" with the Governor's Official Proclamation announcing that "...the love of books and reading, passed from adult to child, from generation to generation, and from peer to peer, is a lifelong treasure..."

With the 'generation to generation' idea in mind, Alameda's media specialist, Melissa Schuler, asked each staff member to bring in his or her favorite childhood book. She also asked them to bring in an item which represented their hobby or personal interest, and created individual displays highlighting each favorite book and hobby. Students then used higher level thinking skills to determine which staff member matched which book and hobby display.

"We were surprised how well they identified the teachers' books and hobbies, even the younger grades," Mrs. Schuler said. "Our students know us pretty well in the book department, it would seem."

Students are encouraged to check out the hobby books from the library's collection to learn more about something they might like to take up as a hobby.

"It's so neat to see kids get excited about books and life-long learning, which is what hobbies help a person do," Schuler said. "We'll be 'booking' well into the New Year."