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PIN Event is Huge Success

The Parent Involvement Network (PIN), formerly known as Parent Advisory Group, organized and expanded version of an event that OHS has been holding annually for some time.  Instead of a typical eighth-grade orientation and tour of the building, PIN invited all OHS students and eighth-graders to attend.  Grade specific presentations were given by OHS administrators and teachers and booths highlighting OHS co-curricular programs, clubs, and more lined the hallways.  Approximately two hundred people were in attendance.   "It was really helpful,"  noted one mother of an eighth-grade student, "I will definitely be more ready to help her choose classes for her freshman year."  Mrs. King's Culinary Arts students baked decadent goodies for all eighth-grade students; a sweet incentive to attend the informational evening.

PIN meets monthly and invites all parents to join them.  For more information visit their web page.