We're O Positive.

O Positive is more than a slogan for us.
It's our way of telling a story of the many
successes that are deserving of Ontario's pride.
Are you ready to be a part of our story?

Advisor: Julie Eskelsen         Advisor: Ryan Roulston

Meetings: Wednesdays after school in Room 07

Smile Club Officers

Aline Sanchez-Leon, Activities Director

Jose Benetiz, Vice President

Jackie Cuevas, President

Denis Benetiz, Secretary

Smile Club 2017-18 Members

 For more information on the SMILE Program.

Did you know?

  • 85 percent of students who spend more than three years in SMILE graduate high school (as compared to Oregon's overall graduation rate of 75 percent.)
  • Oregon State started the SMILE Program in 1988.
  • SMILE offers weekly after school activities to those students who meet the requirements to have the chance to perform science and math activities expanding one's knowledge.