We're O Positive.

O Positive is more than a slogan for us.
It's our way of telling a story of the many
successes that are deserving of Ontario's pride.
Are you ready to be a part of our story?

Senior Slide Show Picture Deadlines


  • January 12th --- "Early Deadline"-Receive a free copy of Senior Slide Show DVD

  • February 16 ---"Second Chance Deadline"--Purchase the Senior Slide Show DVD at 50% off--$10

  • March 16th --- "Final Deadline"---Full price for Senior Slide Show DVD--$20

Picture Checklist

The following information needs to be turned in by the due dates:

  • Baby Picture
  • Friend Picture
  • Family Picture
  • Senior Picture (if you need more time to get a Senior picture, you may turn everything else in now and turn this in when you get it.)
  • Music (22 seconds of a song-Turn in Song Title & Artist and at what time you want the 22 seconds to start)

Senior Slide Show Staff