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Pre: 12

This course will examine closely the intricate parts of our free enterprise system. We will be taking a close look at the principles and theories of Capitalism, why it works and how it works. This will include all the economic processes of how people make and spend their income; production, distribution, and consumption. Students will look at the processes whereby resource allocation takes place. Students will not only examine the economic system of the United States but take a global look at other economic systems, with emphasis on Capitalism, Communism, Socialism as a basis of governmental foundation of various systems such as command, market, mixed systems. Personal finance skills for everyday living will also be addressed.



Pre: 12, With Instructor Approval 

In this course students will develop an understanding of the common economic problems faced by individuals and societies. Students will develop an understanding of the various economic systems which provide the framework and order for economic activity with major emphasis on the market systems. The operation of the economy as it relates to economic stability and growth will be covered. Emphasis will be placed on the U.S. economic role in global economics including the effects of international trade and global enterprise.