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In partnership with the follow groups: Saint Alphonsus Medical Group, St. Luke’s Medical Group, and TVCC, Ontario High School is participating in a Health Career Technical Education Program. This s a three year program designed to prepare students for entry level positions in the medical field.

In the second year of the program, students will choose to focus on one of two tracks: the CNA Track and the Medical Office Assistant Track. There is limited space in the CNA class and students are selected based on performance in Exploring Health Careers and teacher recommendation. Students who are not selected for the CNA class are encouraged to pursue it on their own through TVCC the following summer. The Poverty to Prosperity Program will assist with the cost of the class and books should you pursue this class outside Ontario HS.

This program does contain college level work so students must be prepared to take classes with high expectations. Good attendance is crucial to passing the classes.

Benefits of Participating in the Allied Health Program

 Students can earn a CNA or Medical Assistant certificate

  1. Students will be able to participate in job shadows and direct contact with professionals
  2. Learn specific job skills for the medical field
  3. Students can earn up to 18 College Credits

  Prerequisites for the Allied Health Program

  1. Students must be on track towards graduation to participate in the program. In order to participate, and stay in the program you must be on track. If you fall off track to graduate you may be removed from the program.
  2. Students must maintain good attendance as it is key to passing all of their courses, including this program
  3. If at any time students must leave campus for the program (i.e. job shadow or class at TVCC) students will be representing OHS in the community and are therefore expected to adhere to OHS behaviors standards at all time (including dress code).

Class Presentations