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Interior Design Contest Collection

Design- Mari Garcia

Stonehenge Room  - I wanted a modern, calming look to my room. I chose only one lamp for my room because there

Best Overall- Chelsea Kee

Room Design -  We were to find a picture of nature from a magazine and design a room using it as our inspiration. I used five of the seven elements of design throughout my design. We clipped things out of magazines that we thought would go with the theme of our room. My theme kind was based on a jungle theme.

I think the room I designed is welcoming and unique. It has an African jungle feel to it.

This was fun to do and I think it was a successful project. The strongest part is my color choices, I think that they match the colors in the picture pretty closely. I also think that the chair in the upper right hand corner is a strong point. I used it because there is a vine in my picture from nature that I choose that was curved like the armrests on the chair and I thought it would be cool to use that throughout my design.

I think that the weakest part of my design is the end table in the center of the picture. I don

Unity- Manuel Mendez

Interior Design - In this art work you could see a lot of different shades of blue and white. The colors seem to fit well with each other. You see how the art is well related to the picture that came out of a magazine.

This art work is a room that we had to make like a living room or a family room. We had to get our ideas and colors from a picture that we picked out of a magazine. The colors came mostly from the blue sky and cloudy white.

This art work came from how I was feeling that day. The art work is represented by a laid back mood. The strongest part of this art work is the choice of colors and how well they flow with each other. The weakest part of this art work is that there are certain blues that don't quite match the blues in the magazine picture.



Unity- Kayla Park

Ocean Room Design -  This artwork is a concept board for interior decorating. We were to choose a picture of nature and create our own design of a room that relates to it. I chose this picture because there were many different values and shades of blues in the water and with the rocks. I thought it would be easy to design a room with these characteristics.  I wanted to give it a

Creativity- April Patton

A River is Born -  This design concept introduces a modern-style living room, using slow-curve lines to represent the flow of water in a natural waterway, and rough, swirly lines to connect the room with scrub growing alongside the water

Design- Ishmael Ramirez

Classic - The style of this art work is a really old fashion style. The color of the furniture is mainly black and a goldfish yellow.





Design- Jordan Rowan

Interior Design - The idea of this assignment was to make your own room and design it ourselves. To me this artwork meant a lot because it was based upon an inspirational picture. The inspirational picture that I chose was of a sunset. I chose a sunset because it is relaxing.

The most successful thing in my art work is how everything has flow and I got most everything to match as well as possible. The weakest thing with this project is that I chose a room that is very contemporary in style. It is something that I have never even seen before. I say this because of how the floors and the walls are both titanum steel and some of the furniture in the picture of the great room just really blew me away. Overall I had a lot of fun with this project.

Collage - I like how I designed this room by using the colors that match with my main picture on the left side of the poster.


Unity- Agelica Ryes

Collage - I like how I designed this room by using the colors that match with my main picture on the left side of the poster.