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2023-2024 Calendar Update: 4-day school week

2023-2024 Calendar Update: 4-day school week

Thank you for all of your input regarding the compressed calendar model. Your comments and input truly do inform our decision-making at the District level.
Overwhelmingly, parents, staff, students, and community members expressed a desire to move to a true 4-day school week.
Two of the main reasons for wanting this move:
-More consistency in the schedule throughout the year
-Half-day Fridays didn’t feel like the best use of time
Superintendent Albisu brought your feedback to the School Board and on Monday, Feb. 27th during the February meeting, the Board approved a true four-day school week.
For the 2023-2024 school year, students will not have school on Fridays; with a few exceptions, the first day of school, and Fridays following a Monday holiday.
Thank you for all of your support and feedback as we made the switch from the traditional calendar to the compressed calendar. We hope that you will continue to offer feedback and support as we move into the 4-day school week.

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