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District Wide Broadcast Message

Ontario School District

Pest Management

We are planning to conduct a pesticide application starting on Thursday 10/14/2021 and continuing on Friday 10/15/2021 (weather permitting). We will be applying T-Zone (EPA# 2217-976) which is a herbicide for broad-leaf weeds in all the grass areas.
We will also be applying Killzall (EPA# 19713-526-7401) to areas that we do not want vegetation growing in; fence lines and cracks/crevices in sidewalks and around buildings. This is also a herbicide intended for all types of vegetation. Both these are safe to enter when dry or 1 hour.
Antonio Corona and Chris Brown will be conducting the application in the morning as soon as the grass is dry. You may contact me or Antonio Corona if you have any questions or concerns.
Thank You,

Andrew Kressly
Maintenance and Grounds Supervisor
IPM Coordinator
Ontario School District