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District Wide Broadcast Message

Ontario School District

Belief Statements

Graduating students in cardinal and corn cap and gowns

We believe children are our wealth;


of all that we have, our children are our greatest value.  Children are our strength; through their efforts, weaknesses and challenges will be overcome.  Children indeed are our future.  We look forward to the future anticipating many successes.


Therefore, we pledge . . .


Our commitment to Achievement

We believe family, students, staff, and community members are responsible for the progress of all students.  A community thrives when its members recognize and value their interdependence and cultural diversity.

Our commitment to Educating the Whole Child

We believe all students deserve the opportunity to reach their potential; therefore, the District will provide a wide range of opportunities, resources, and experiences in an equitable manner in all schools.

Our commitment to Excellence and Accountability

We believe in a commitment to excellence.  Educational excellence requires that students, staff, and Board strive for continual growth and improvement as measured through established criteria.

Our commitment to Resources

We believe that human, financial, and physical resources are critical to education and that we are responsible for the equitable and effective use of District resources. We believe the District's physical resources should exemplify a 21st century learning environment.

Our commitment to Safety

We believe students should be valued, safe, and secure.  Mutual integrity, trust, and respect are essential for positive relationships.