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District Wide Broadcast Message

Ontario School District

District Leadership

The Ontario School District Cabinet is comprised of the Superintendent and Department Directors.
The Cabinet is an advisory body to the Superintendent that meets monthly and collaborates to ensure Ontario Schools achieve Our Vision: 
All students will be equipped with the skills for lifelong learning and graduate as responsible adults prepared for college or career.
Nicole Albisu
  • Chief Executive of the school district.
  • Runs the daily operations of the school district.
  • Carries out policies established by the Board.
  • Makes certain staff and programs are aligned to carry out the established mission/vision of the district.
Anabel Ortiz-Chavolla
Director of Federal Programs
  • Provides administration and fiscal management of the District’s federal or title programs in compliance with federal regulations.
  • Provides leadership in the coordination of district-wide assessments and improvement planning.
  • These duties are assigned at the discretion of the superintendent to a building or district administrator at the discretion of the superintendent.
Angela Salazar
District Data Supervisor
  • Manages district data systems and state reporting requirements for accuracy and compliance.
  • Collaborates with administration to create district and school-level data sets for school improvement planning purposes.
  • Assists with statewide assessment procedures.
  • Monitors district data systems for state collections. 
Todd Stephan
Network System Administrator
  • This position is responsible for the staff management, design, budget, operation, maintenance, and oversight of the district WAN system and attached networks, including gateway operations to other WAN systems and the Internet.
  • Identifies and resolves advanced technical problems following the ADPIE
    process (Assessment, Diagnosis, Planning, Implementation, and Evaluation).
  • Engages in continuing education as pertains to job responsibilities.
  • Develops and delivers technology documentation and training for peer and
    customer use.
  • Ensures reliable data backup and archiving processes.
Shannon Widmer
Transportation Supervisor
  • The primary purpose of this position is to provide supervision of the district’s student transportation program including home-to-school, athletic and activity, and curriculum-related travel.
  • The position also includes managing, supervising, and the evaluation of day-to-day District transportation operations of buses, drivers, service staff, and the routing and scheduling of special services in accordance with State law and District standards; as well as train newly hired, regular and substitute school bus drivers, and perform school bus driver duties as needed.
  • The position will also involve the use of computer programs and software specific to the assignment.
Pam Suyematsu
Nutrition Services Supervisor
  • Directs the district's food service program in conformance with county, state, and federal regulations and requirements including public health and safety.
  • Develops the school food service program and plans all menus which provides a
    practical application of sound nutrition as a means of improving the health and nutrition of students.
  • Makes application for all federal surplus food and food subsidies and is responsible for the distribution.
  • Responsible for accurate record keeping by food service managers and the
    compilation of monthly meal count reports, and reports required by local, state
    and federal regulations.
Eric Norton

Director of Human Resources




  • Oversee labor relations and human resources functions of the District.
  • Leads the process of collective bargaining and contract management at the district level.
  • Uses goals and objectives of the district’s strategic plan to formulate bargaining goals and to recruit and retain staff.
  • Advisor to Superintendent in all matters related to employment.
  • Designee Superintendent for the district in the absence of the Superintendent.
Devin Collins
Director of Finance
O+ Positive
  • Administers the business affairs of the school district in order to provide the best possible educational service with the financial resources available.
  • Directs the development of annual and long-range budgets; forecasts revenues; prepares cost analysis; lists of options; and impact statements; prepares regular financial reports, and makes necessary adjustments to the budget.
Melissa Williams
Director of Student Services
  • Directs the Office of Student Services.
  • This includes Special Education, Section 504, and Talented and Gifted programs. Ensures compliance with state and federal regulations.
  • Oversees the implementation of evidence-based instructional programs including curriculum selection.
Bob Bennett
Maintenance and Grounds Supervisor
  • Provides all maintenance and repair for district facilities and grounds.
  • Examines school facilities on a regular basis for needed repairs and maintenance.
  • Assists with establishing and recommending priorities on repair projects.
  • Estimates cost of repair projects in terms of labor, material, and overhead.
  •  Assigns and supervises crews for facilities work such as replacing worn or
    defective wiring, switches, faucets, and plumbing fixtures; and repairing fencing,
    asphalt, concrete, and ceilings.
  • Develops a system for dealing with emergency repair problems with efficiency.
Taryn Smith
Communications and Public Relations
  • The Public Relations & Communications Coordinator will work with a wide
    variety of individuals and groups throughout the district and will serve as champion of our district vision, mission and values.
  • The coordinator develops and implements communication strategies and plans as well as oversees, develops and disseminates communication materials about district issues and processes. The coordinator will manage media relations and serve as a spokesperson and news media contact.
  • The coordinator will manage the district’s social media and district-level website content as well as provide communications and public relations counsel and advise to the superintendent, school board and administrators.
  • The coordinator provides crisis communication advice and support in school and district emergencies.
Jodi Elizondo
Director of District Improvement Initiatives & Grants
  • Directs District grants, initiatives, and improvement efforts.
  • Writes grant applications and ensures compliance with associated reporting activities.
  • Assures appropriate community input is sought to support efforts, including the local school board of directors.
  • Oversees the implementation of agreed-upon improvement efforts, particularly at the secondary level