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District Wide Broadcast Message

Ontario School District

OSD Goals & Equity Statement

Ontario School District Equity Statement

The Ontario School District prioritizes equity in every decision: "Our Children, Our Future." For Ontario, that is more than a tagline; it is our educational and operational philosophy.
Our commitment to our students and our future is to value all students and meet their individual learning needs while concurrently developing their understanding and respect of the differences that make each student unique. Preparing them for post-secondary education and/or career success and preparing our students to live in an inclusive, global community and world.

As a District, we aim to close the achievement gap within our diverse student population and work to remove the barriers that stand in the way of our student's educational successes. Understanding and celebrating our community's rich diversity lends to our commitment to ensuring an equitable and respectful learning environment for every student, family, and staff member regardless of: Race, Gender, Gender Identity, Sexual Orientation, Socioeconomic Status, Ability, Home or First Language, Religion, National Origin, Age, and Physical Appearance.

Ontario School District Strategic Goals 

Student Achievement for all Kids
All students will show continuous growth towards their personalized learning goals and will be prepared for post-secondary education and/or career success. 
Communication and Collaboration 
Provide frequent, clear, and results-driven communications in order to support student achievement by building a positive school and district image, fostering trust, instilling pride, and engaging all stakeholders (school, family, and community) through: 
  • Establishing and maintaining community partnerships
  • Encouraging volunteering/participation within our schools
  • Creating opportunities for participation and collaboration in school and district initiatives and goals
Recruit, Support, Develop and Retain Highly Effective Staff
To improve the learning and education opportunities for all students by continuing to build staff capacity to perform at a high level by investing in professional growth opportunities, providing new teacher mentoring and support, promoting communication and collaboration among staff, and fostering a positive culture.

District Goals 


Community Involvement

The District believes that in a school community, communication is open, participation is widespread, teamwork is prevalent, and diversity is incorporated. The District shares with staff members and students a vision for the future of the school, a common sense of purpose, and a common set of values.

District Goals Equal Access and Opportunity

The District is committed to providing all students who attend Ontario Schools with an equal opportunity to reach the highest student standards.

Employee Standards

The District believes quality individual staff members are a critical element to achieving all other goals. Therefore, the Board will establish, maintain, and follow policies and procedures that will assure that the District recruits and retains only the top administrators, teachers, and other employees.


The District will provide facilities that promote a quality comprehensive education in a safe and secure environment.


The District will provide the widest possible range of academic and co-curricular opportunities for all students.


The District will promote and advance the use of technology in instruction and application.

Student Achievement

The District will develop and support programs that encourage academic excellence in all areas and cause all students to meet/exceed state achievement benchmarks at their earliest potential. The District will establish systems for regularly assessing and reporting student achievement.