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At-A-Glance Profiles and Accountability Details
This ODE search feature enables the public to locate summary profiles illustrating demographic and academic progress data for Ontario schools for recent years.

2023-24 Annual Notice:
2023-24 Combined 30-day Notice & Opt-out Form (Fillable PDF)
2023-24 Annual Notice and Declining Participation Form for the SEED Survey
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Comments & Feedback

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May: Teacher of the Year

April: OSD Volunteer of the Year

March: Classified Staff of the Year

February: Student of the Month Recognition

January: School Board Appreciation Month

November: Student Recognition

October: Safety students of the Month

August: Board Secretary swears in the new School Board Members: Mr. Blackaby, Mr. Sunseri, and Mr. Uptmor.

May: Teacher of the Year

April: 2022-2023 Volunteer of the Year

March: Classified Staff Recognition

February: Student Recognition

November: Student Recognition

Event Calendar

Event Calendar

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